Monday, July 15, 2013

7/15 - Schedules and learning and models and bedtimes

Today's Blender project was to create an alarm clock. I'm using this tutorial, and will continue with this tutorial tomorrow. I don't have a clock face image, so used a random picture from my hard drive. Mostly what I learned is where some of the menu items are, and some of the keyboard shortcuts to move around within my project. I'm sure these tidbits will all be reinforced many times before I can create anything on my own. The program requires a lot of keyboard shortcuts, and so far I've probably used about 8 different menus.

Knowing lessons need reinforcement was also a theme at work today. I am learning how to use the debugging tool in SQL Server Management Studio, which is the program in which I access the database tables. I've now seen the way two different developers debug. I'm ready to try it on my own, but am not certain I remember all the steps to successfully ferret out an issue. This will take practice and a bit of skill to know when to step in, out, through and over aspects of a stored procedure or function.

Today I also learned, if the programming issue I'm researching turns out to not be the issue at all, I don't have to resolve the underlying cause of whatever behavior I'm trying to change. I can send the problem back to the team drawing board for re-evaluation. This is an important difference between Support and Development. In Support, I would have to resolve the underlying issue, regardless of cause. In Development, the underlying issue will be resolved, but it's not solely up to me to do so.

Today I learned it's not easy to find models that look like what I want to see in my mirror. I'm taking a program through work called "Living Lean," which is supposed to help me stop binge eating and snacking late at night (among other things). I'm only a week into the 5 week course, and the premise appears to be one of personal responsibility. Know the truth of why you binge (because not binging makes you uncomfortable for various reasons), and choose whether or not eating that donut aligns with your current goals (it probably doesn't). The program has helped me define what my weight goals are, one of which is to get back into my "skinny jeans."

I'm creating a digital notebook instead of the physical one the program asks for, because I'm a geek that way. Today's homework assignment included finding an image to represent the main goal I'm working toward. This goal, for me, is to be happy and proud of what I see when I look in the mirror. I decided to look for images of a girl in jeans, that looks like what I hope to someday see in the mirror.

Most of what I found looked a lot like this:
I'm a bit stockier and curvier. This circa 80's image was the closest I could find to what I was looking for:

Today I decided it would be a good idea to schedule in time to read, where I can. I am incapable of following a long term schedule, in the same way I’m incapable of following a recipe or training plan, so I only added reading time to this week's schedule. Work is throwing information at me fast and furious, and I'm already 2 books behind. At the same time, I'm still watching Ellen and Daily Grace on YouTube after work. Well, last night I was. Tonight I walked down to Burlington's for a browse through their dress and shirt sections, then came home and played with the sprinkler in my garden. Reading will have to wait until tomorrow, even if I am feeling overwhelmed.

I could read yet tonight, but today I also decided to officially set my bedtime at 10pm. I find myself getting tired and heading to bed earlier and earlier lately, but never officially set a time I wanted to be in bed. With the new work and workout schedule, I’ve set a time to be up every day. Setting bedtime at 10 gives me a half hour to settle down and 8 hours sleep time before I have to get up. Getting enough sleep is another goal I’ve struggled with, in part because I’m up several times a night, but also because I tend to stay up too late.

You'll laugh to know I set this goal today, and it's now after 10:30pm already. See my comment about long term schedules above. Setting bed time at 10pm obviously doesn't mean I’ll make it to bed by 10 every night. 10pm is the goal, with a half hour of stretching before and nothing scheduled after.  

Today I opted not to run the 4 miles on my calendar. This morning dishes, laundry, and putting my utility room back in order seemed more important. I had to pull my utility room apart last week, when we had torrential rains and that section of my basement flooded. This was not the first time my basement flooded, even after having the place waterproofed a few years ago. There is something about the northwest corner of the building that has trouble handling torrential rains. Any other time it's good, but at least once a year the basement takes on water. The carpet in that section of the basement has been through several years of soakings, and the smell filled my house. Getting rid of the carpet eliminated the smell issue, but I'd only put about half the items back where I store them.

I know me well enough to build wiggle room into all schedules (see scheduling comment above). My workout schedule is based around training for The Perfect 10 Miler in August, then the Towpath Marathon next October. I have 3 shorter runs during the week and a long run on the weekend. It doesn't matter which days these runs occur, as long as they occur within those time frames.

On the days I'm not running, I'm cross training. The amount of cross training is based on the time I have available on any given day. I could have run tonight, but am not a fan of running in the heat so opted to switch today's run with tomorrow's cross train day. We now have a gym at work, and at 5:30 every evening there is a group of people who get together for workout DVDs. They just finished the Insanity program, and today was the first day of TapouT XT.  This is a mixed martial arts system, kind of like Beach Body's Combat. Punching and kicking is fun for me, so I'd planned to drop in periodically anyway.

I'm trying to stay positive on this blog, so am withholding judgement on TapouT until I can take a sit in on a few more sessions. Not every workout video is a good fit for every person, and that's all I'll say about that.

Today I did not laugh out loud, but I smiled when my team (dubbed "Bacon Patrol") dedicated an entire white board to Zombieland. I also got a warm fuzzy from my first one-on-one with my boss, who told me the team is impressed with my work ethic. I'm excited for my friend "Hasty" who has an interview tomorrow, and I chatted with a different friend about the medieval fair a group of us are going to the end of this month.

Today I also laughed at myself, because apparently scheduling something pretty much assures I won't follow that schedule. At least that's how it worked today. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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