Thursday, July 18, 2013

7/18 - Macs and forms and Magic the Gathering cards

Today I learned, while I remember some of the keyboard shortcuts in Blender, the program is quite different on a Mac than the PC version to which I'm accustomed. I'm also reminded that learning has a tendency to make me short tempered and frustrated when things don't go as expected. the tutorial I was trying to follow kept using menus I didn't know how to get to, and the computer kept doing things I wasn't expecting. The combination did not make for a pretty me, so I quit while I was ahead and will pick this particular project up again when I am at my own computer. 

Today I learned more about the Bacon Patrol program, as well as the program used to develop Bacon Patrol. The development program is called PowerBuilder. 

Today's database training was cancelled, so I ended up sitting behind one of the developers again. We'll call this developer V. His project was to add headings and text to a Tax Credit form, and I finally saw something I could figure out how to do! The program used to edit the Bacon Patrol program is graphical, and form editing functions much like many other programs used to create forms. Ultimately V left me to finish the last page, which I was able to complete once I figured out how to access the correct version of the program where he made his changes. There is the existing version (9.1) and the version currently in development (9.2). Since the government agency actually updated this form in 2012, the edits have to go in both versions. V originally made his changes in 9.1, which I was not yet connected with. There was a bit of a snafu regarding the check in/check out program and a shared login, but I am now connected to both version 9.1 and 9.2. 

I thought I made the changes like a rock star, but V came back and found I'd missed a text box in the footer. Also, I'd somehow marked the entire form as invisible. I think I did this last through a keyboard shortcut, but honestly I'm not certain. V copied my changes to a different file and reverted the whole page to his original. He was then able to copy my changes in and make them visible. I would have simply selected everything and made it all visible, but V pointed out there were conditional check marks for check boxes which should only be visible when the box is clicked. 

Other things he did, that I'd like to remember:
  • Check the preview to see how the changes actually look on the page
  • Check the comparison of changes made. V indicated this would help ensure changes were checked in properly, which apparently does not always happen
Even after V corrected my mistakes, I felt confident enough in my abilities to think "I can do that" to two similar cards that came up in our sizing meeting. (Sizing meetings are to determine exactly the issue to be fixed, and how long we believe it will take to fix that issue.) I haven't said anything to the team yet, but probably will at tomorrow morning's daily stand-up meeting, where everyone says what they did the day before and what they will work on that day. 

I spent the rest of the day working on my SQL database homework. I've got the tables created to track inventory purchases from suppliers. I'm still trying to figure out which tables are necessary for a General Ledger process, and I'm not quite certain I've defined the constraints correctly to keep anyone from changing or deleting rows. 

Today I also learned the Magic the Gathering cards I own might actually be worth something. Probably not a lot, but maybe combined worth enough to make the effort to sell them. My team is full of geeks and nerds (that's a good thing!), and when the conversation came around to selling Pokemon cards I asked about the Magic cards. The newest developer besides myself (I'll call him Jesus) apparently is heavily into Magic the Gathering, and said he would look through my decks for me. 

I've been exceptionally tired this week. I still don't know if I had a 24 hour something, or if my workouts are just affecting me more than expected. I did go do Tap Out again this evening, but I have yet to complete an entire hour long video. There are a lot of strength and agility activities my body does not handle well, and I tend to stop when I can no longer tell if the pain in my back is growth or damage.  So far it all appears to be growth. I do know I'm growing muscles in several other places, like inner thighs and hamstrings. I've spent a lot of time focusing this week on loosening those new, tight muscles. I plan to continue cross training with Tap Out, and am looking forward to seeing what other muscles I can grow. 

Today I laughed at and with Superman. I tend toward being overly serious, but that man has the nack for making me laugh! I don't even remember now what he said, but I'll remember the laughter. Thank you, Superman!

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