Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7/24 - over-thinking and bubbles!

The above video is a highly condensed version of the book I'm reading for work. Well, the book I started reading several weeks ago. I haven't gotten back to it since the beginning of the month. My boss told me to just watch this video to get the gist, but I have to write a book report (reaction paper). I really should finish the book. I just have to find the time.

Today's learning was on how to organize my learning. I now have two classes I need to find information on the internet for, so I understand how to do the homework. I spent a portion of the day just trying to determine how to approach the Visual Basic/.NET question. I figured out where I keep getting stuck, and determined I have to go back a step and understand functions better before I can move forward again.

I now have to do the same with today's Ruby class.

I turned in the homework for the Gherkin class, and was told I went above and beyond in the scope of what I covered. The QA said he would be able to submit my work with only minor modifications into the body of automated tasks for the Bacon Patrol product. He also said he doesn't go into the detail I did. I'm not certain if that's a good or bad thing, honestly.

I'm of two minds about the research I plan to do on Visual Basic/,NET and Ruby. I'm seeing a pattern of over-thinking and over-doing the homework. I had the same response when I handed in my Intro to Relational Databases homework. At the same time, I don't feel I can even start the homework until I have an understanding of the subject matter. There has to be a balance somewhere.

I've determined at least one class I can walk away from without the in depth study, at least for now. I'm supposed to take a class on SQL Server Profiler. This is a GUI (graphical user interface) to help monitor databases and SQL queries. I'm sure it will come in handy for troubleshooting. The "class" is just a Microsoft Office information page on the tool, and does not demonstrate in any way how to actually use the Profiler. I've bookmarked the information and will return to it when I find I have a need for it, but right now I have to prioritize my time and learning. Classes with homework due take precedence.

I'm overly tired today, which may be due to a late bedtime last night, and may be due to eating like crap the last several days. Last week I started the Living Lean program, which is supposed to help reprogram the way I think I about food. In the past few days I've ignored everything I learned last week, and behaved in just the way the program warned me I might. I turned to food and junk to give me energy when I was fatigued, and to soothe me when I was stressed. Now I feel more stressed than ever. Yes, the car flooding situation. Yes the teaching myself how to do the work for the classes at work. Yes also for trying to tell myself no, even though I know the discomfort of no will be transient. I apparently don't have that energy right now. Or the learned behavior of ice cream when stressed is stronger today. Or I have to learn the lesson more than once before it sticks.

Today's 6 mile run turned into a 4 mile walk. Partially because I'm tired, and partially because the stress of feeling overwhelmed is physically and emotionally draining me. Mostly because a walk for ice cream seemed like the better decision. I find I'm telling myself "you're starting marathon training. You will be able to eat what and how you want when you're running all those miles." As The Oatmeal said, running to eat. Eating because I will run. That's my Blerch talking right there.

I keep telling myself I will learn. Work will get easier. I will get better. I will find my food balance again.  Taking a day walking 4 miles is not getting completely sidetracked from the workout plan.

I'll get it together. Just maybe not today.

On a more fun note, I got to blow my bubbles at work today. My team has instituted a slow clap at 5pm every Friday. This apparently annoys some people,  and some people are concerned it gives the impression everyone leaves after the clap. This is not true, and if anyone came back into the department they would see people still working at 5:30 and even 6pm just about every Friday night. However, the fact remains my team was asked to stop the slow clap.

Because they are jokesters, they are now trying to find something less offensive to replace the slow clap. Bubble guns were suggested (won't work as they'll get monitors and laptops sticky and wet). I promptly whipped out my bubbles, and found I was not the only person with a secret stash! It's always a good day when you can blow bubbles.

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