Friday, July 26, 2013

7/26 - Accomplishments, sensors, and Monkey Boy!

What?!? It made me laugh!

Things I accomplished today:
I actually did real work in Bacon Patrol. My task is to go through several forms and make sure all the requested changes have been made. If not, to make them. This is kind of like working in forms in Word, so not an unfamiliar process. It's not quite as user friendly, but I'm getting the hang of the way this aspect of PowerBuilder functions. I'm also getting familiar with the way the team works. The changes are not exact, black and white, make this into this. The information has to be there, but it's possible to rephrase for space considerations. I'm making judgement calls here, and hoping I'm right. Apparently QA will tell me if I'm not. 
I spoke with the person in charge of PD training, asking if I could retake yesterday's test environment class. I also asked if I was supposed to walk away with a working knowledge of these materials, or simply an overview. I'm supposed to have a working knowledge, but I'm also supposed to have a better experience than I have thus far. Ultimately he told me the classes are supposed to weed out people who can't hang, but they are also supposed to give us a fighting change to succeed. He's scheduled another hour of Ruby training, to fill in the blanks on the hour and a half class that was supposed to take 4 hours. Yesterday's class is now rescheduled to occur after a week-long training session that apparently should have happened first anyway.  
My manager is aware I'm trying to understand programming. The head of training opted not to sign me up for the java classes next week, because there is no java in Bacon Patrol. My manager suggested I audit the course anyway, because it might help me understand programming better. I'm all for taking whatever training I can get, and am both happy and relieved he sees I'm trying to learn what I need. I count that as an achievement, and am grateful he's trying to help me get where I need to be.  

In other news, I have to take my car in to the shop. I noticed on my drive to work this morning that the passenger side airbag light was on. I did some research and determined this means the passenger side airbag is deactivated. It won't deploy because the sensor believes there is a small child on that seat. The light is on whether or not anything is in the seat (including Superman), and whether or not the seat belt is buckled.

I called the dealership, who indicated it would cost $100 to have the technician even hook the car up to the code reader. The assumption is the sensor was tripped while the car was being cleaned, so I called the detailing place. They told me it must have tripped when they had to move my car with the seat out. It would cost $90 me for them to call the guy they use to fix these things. Oh, but they have a guy who is "80% sure" he could fix it for me, if I "slip him a $20." So essentially they broke it, and want to charge me to fix it.

I was quite unhappy after talking with the detailing place. I called the dealership back and let them know the place they referred me to was shady, and that I don't trust taking my car there again. I now have an appointment next Friday with the dealership. I'm not sure if I'll be charged the $100 or not. The last I heard, the sensor may just need to be reset, but that doesn't tell me if they need to put the car on the code reader or not. I guess I'll find out next Friday.

In still other news, it's confirmed Monkey Boy will be home Monday night! Life is about to get just a little more interesting...

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