Wednesday, August 7, 2013

8/7 - Surreal

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After the stress and drama of the past few weeks, as I fought to stay afloat and on top of the learning curve at work, today was downright surreal. I walked in on time (not early like I said I would be) and immediately got started on my stored procedure homework. I found a few mistakes in the one stored procedure I'd already written, then wrote the other I needed for my Database Programming homework. No stress. No distractions. Just came and in put in work. It's amazing what a plan of action and concrete direction can do for my psyche.

I handed in the stored procedures and moved on to the MIT Intro to Computer Programming course. I am even more convinced this course is what I'm missing, after today's lecture. It covered objects, data types, and I wrote my first little Python program. I had to figure out how commands differed between the version of Python in the lectures, which are from 2011, and the version I'd installed on my machine. I had to figure out how to make my program run. I accomplished all that, and understand the concepts underlying the assignment. I forwarded my completed assignment to the Sr. Engineers who are supposed to review and make recommendations for me to aid in my learning.

I also completed about 98% of the card I'd picked up. I have one more edit to make, which the QA person found while I was making the other edits. I also completely reformatted one of the forms, and have to figure out why it's rendering 2 pages wide in addition to the 3 down it is and should be. I might have to ask someone for pointers on where to look for that, but I'm expected to ask questions.

Overall, it was a normal day, or at least as normal as my days are SUPPOSED to be. Refreshing, that. I didn't even bring my laptop home, for the first time in weeks. I had absolutely no intention of working tonight, and have spent the evening playing a mindless jewel game.

Of course, now the stress and drama are seemingly over, my body is reacting to it all. I was exhausted for no apparent reason, all day. The exhaustion made me apathetic about running, so I took another rest day today. I'll certainly have kinks to work out before Sunday's race, but I'm not stressing about it at all. It's just another long run, albeit with a crowd of people and a festive atmosphere.

I'm not stressing about anything right now, except how to beat this level on my phone.

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